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Project duration: 1/4//2020 – 31/10//2021

Client: City of Zagreb

Team leader: Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, PhD

The project includes the participatory creation of the Culture Development Plan of the City of Zagreb, which entails an analytical study of the state of culture in Zagreb and the determination of the vision, goals, specific goals, measures and projects along with the Action Plan.
The goal of the project is, based on the analysis of the current state, related to the existing legal regulations, research findings that have already been collected or are in progress on cultural resources of the city of Zagreb, analysis and discussions with key actors in the field of culture in the city and its wider environment, and in cooperation with the working group of the City of Zagreb , to determine the vision of the cultural development of the city of Zagreb, define the key development priorities in the coming medium-term period and prepare a clear action plan.
The expected result is an analytical study of the state of culture in the city of Zagreb and a strategic planning document, which includes the strategic positioning of culture in the wider social environment, in terms of maximum use of its potential.

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