Anamarija Farkaš
+385 1 487 7483


Job title: Scientific advisor

Anamarija Farkaš graduated in 1990 from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology. In 2000 Anamarija Farkaš obtained a Master of science degree in environmental chemistry from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Analytical Chemistry Department. In 2004 Ms. Farkaš obtained a PhD from the University of Zagreb, the same home institution, Department of Analytical Chemistry. Since 1994 Ms. Farkaš has been working as researcher at the Institute for Development and International Relations in the Department for Resource Economics, Environmental Protection and Regional Development and her activities have been focused on chemistry and ecology, environmental policy, environmental engineering and environmental economy.  Ms. Farkaš has twenty years of professional experience as a scientist, chemical analyst, particularly in the field of sustainable development, protection and improvement of the environment. During the last ten years she participated in the project investigation of availability and ecological advisability of application of natural resources (natural minerals) in ecological agriculture, forestry protection, livestock, waste-water treatment and air pollution and technological procedures for decreasing the emission of pollutants in the environment.

Her research includes the use of natural minerals in environmental protection. Her main research field is the use of natural minerals – zeolites as soil correctors in agriculture and in waste-water purification from ammonia and heavy metals. She is the member of the Croatian Association Chemical Engineers and Technologists (HDKIT) and Croatian Zeolite Association (HZU)Water Protection Croatian Association, Croatian Chemical Society (HKD), American Chemical Society (ACS) and International Natural Zeolite Association (INZA). Since then she has been working on several international and domestic scientific projects. Ms. Farkaš is the author of numerous articles and studies from multidisciplinary fields which were published on scientific conferences, symposium and workshops.

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