Organisational structure

Organisational structure

The director organizes and manages the work and activities of the Institute, serves as a representative of the Institute, carries out all legal actions on behalf of the Institute, carries out the decisions of the Institute’s Management Council and the Scientific Council, and is responsible for the legality of work. The Director enacts all the general acts of the Institute with the approval of the Management Council (except for the Statute) and is responsible for their implementation. In addition, the Director submits to the Management Council a report on annual and periodic accounts, proposes to the Management Council and the Scientific Council decisions on certain matters within their jurisdiction, and decides on the commencement and termination of employment.

The Director of the Institute is appointed and dismissed by the Management Council of the Institute, on the basis of public announcement for a period of four years. The Director of the Institute must be a person elected to a scientific profession.

The current acting director of the Institute is Sanja Tišma, PhD, scientific advisor, who was confirmed by the Management Council on 25 May 2021 for a four year mandate.

The Scientific Council formulates and implements the scientific policy of the Institute; discusses and decides on scientific and expert issues; carries out the procedures for selection to scientific, associate and professional positions; appoints and dismisses one member of the Management Council of the Institute; recommends to the Management Council candidates for the committee for the election of the Director of the Institute and proposes the budget of the Institute to the Management Council. The Scientific Council discusses and gives a preliminary opinion in the decision of enacting the Statute and general acts issued by the Director. The Scientific Council passes decisions, upon agreement of a majority of all members, at its meetings. Members of the Scientific Council are scientists, associates elected to the positions of senior assistants, and representatives of junior researchers (one representative for every 5 junior researchers) elected by junior researchers employed at the Institute.

Members of the Scientific Council are:

Paško Bilić, PhD, president of the Scientific Council, Senior Research Associate
Damir Demonja, PhD, deputy president of the Scientific Council, Scientific Adviser
Ivana Biondić, Research Assistant, Representative of Research Assistants
Ana-Maria Boromisa, PhD, Research Advisor
Hrvoje Butković,  PhD, Senior Research Associate
Nevenka Čučković, PhD, Senior Research Adviser
Anamarija Farkaš, PhD, Research Adviser
Marina Funduk, PhD, Research Associate
Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, PhD, Senior Research Associate
Krešimir Jurlin, PhD,  Research Associate
Ivana Keser, PhD, Research Assistant
Sandro Knezović, PhD, Research Adviser
Sanja Maleković, PhD, Research Adviser
Karmen Margeta, PhD, Senior Research Associate
Anamarija Pisarović, PhD, Research Advisor
Jaka Primorac, PhD, Senior Research Associate
Jakša Puljiz, PhD, Senior Research Associate
Senada Šelo Šabić, PhD, Senior Research Associate
Sanja Tišma, PhD, Research Advisor
Aleksandra Uzelac, PhD, Research Advisor

The Management Council of the Institute manages financial and business policies of the Institute; adopts the financial budget of the Institute on the proposal of the Scientific Council and upon the approval of the Minister of Science, Education and Sports; makes decisions on the annual accounts; decides on the establishment of organizational units of the Institute with the approval of the Ministry; makes individual decisions regarding employment as a second degree body; and gives the founder, the Director and the Scientific Council proposals and opinions on certain issues.

The Management Council of the Institute consists of five members, one of whom serves as the President of the Management Council. Three members of the Management Council, including the President of the Management Council, are appointed by the Minister. The Scientific Council of the Institute elects one member, and one member is nominated by the employees of the Institute in accordance with the Law on Labour and the Statute. The mandate of the Management Council lasts two years.

Members of the Management Council:

  1. Josip Faričić, prof. PhD, President, University of Zadar
  2. Vlatko Cvrtila, prof. PhD,VERN’ University
  3. Vanja Pavlović, Ministry of Science and Education
  4. Jaka Primorac, PhD, Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute
  5. Damir Klemenčić, member of employees

During the last five years IRMO has opted for full participatory governance. Development decisions are made by agreement under discussions at the Board of Director and the Scientific Council. All employees are informed of the actions of the Institute and their opinions and attitudes are respected. A project approach to research work is nurtured with a strong management role of project managers.

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