The internship programmes at the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) enable interns, through team work and under the leadership and supervision of a qualified mentor, to obtain practical skills and knowledge in the areas of applied and scientific research in the fields of IRMO’s activity.

In the course of the internship, the mentor will, in cooperation with the intern, devise a framework plan, defining the intern’s goals, the tasks to be completed during the internship in order to achieve these goals, and the success indicators. For interns who successfully finish the programme, at the end of the internship the Institute will issue a certificate in recognition of a successful completion of the internship and a letter of recommendation with the mentor’s mark and assessment. Generally, the duration of the internship programme is between three and six months, as agreed between the mentor and the intern, depending on the possibilities of the intern and the needs of the project on which he should work.

Owing to the legally prescribed mode of financing of the Institute, IRMO is not able to cover costs of either travel or stay during the internship programme. All prospective candidates are thus advised to secure the funds for their travel and sojourn (including travel, board and lodging, local transportation and healthcare costs) prior to contacting us, either through self-financing or through grants from national or international organisations and programmes.

Also, owing to a higher rate of interest for internships in the summer months (June through September) and a lower workload and availability of mentors during that period, candidates are advised to send their enquiries and applications for these months at least three months ahead of time.

To facilitate the selection of the candidate and the provision of an adequate mentor, prospective candidates are required to supply with their application:

      1. a CV, and
      2. a motivation letter, stating their field of interest within the Institute’s research areas and the expectations or personal goals they wish to achieve through the internship programme, as well as a declaration about the foreseen mode of financing (own funds, grants) of all costs during their internship.

Additional letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors are welcome.

Please send your applications or any additional enquiries concerning the internships to

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