krojeno po mjeri

Author: Ana Žuvela

Publisher: Foundation ” Kultura nova “

Year: 2016

Cultural education field in Croatia is defined by outdated (by profile) and insufficient (by frequency) educational programmes that shape the contours of cultural production and outreach. Concurrently, informal education that is emerging from the cultural sector, supersede the notion of cultural education as an area exclusively reserved for educational policies and elite. The study presents the results of a research about informal cultural education in Croatia. The research undertakes the methodological approach that combines qualitative with quantitative aspects of cultural policy analysis. The study looks into contextual and conceptual rationales in cultural sector’s design of educational programmes tracking the points and levels of convergence between cultural and educational policies. The aim of this study is to investigate both the strengths and weaknesses of cultural policy development in application to education and to assert the importance of arts and cultural education for sustainable development of cultural sector.


Pubication:  Made to Measure? (Croatian)

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