Aleksandra Uzelac


Aleksandra Uzelac

+385 1 487 7486


Job title: Scientific advisor, Head of Department for Culture and Communication

Dr. Aleksandra Uzelac is Scientific advisor at the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), Zagreb, Croatia, and Head of the Department for Culture and Communication ( She holds a PhD (2003) in information science from the University of Zagreb and has 30 years of professional experience in the area of cultural research related to issues of digital culture and cultural policies. Her research interests focus on issues of cultural and social sustainability and the social transformation of contemporary societies, digital culture, cultural policy and cultural cooperation issues, cultural heritage, and gender balance in culture. Dr. Uzelac has participated, and coordinated IRMO team, in a number of EU funded research projects and has also provided her research expertise in the form of research studies and issue papers for the Council of Europe, the European Commission and European Parliament. She coordinated a group of experts providing cultural policy related expertise to European parliament (2010-2015) and has been a member of various cultural networks and expert groups that focus their activities in the field of cultural policies or digital culture, bringing into the policy mainstream issues related to the new context digital culture has brought to the cultural sector and cultural policies. She has participated or coordinated IRMO team in a number of competitive EU research projects: CRESCINE – Increasing the International Competitiveness of the Film Industries in Small European Markets; Rapids and Backwaters. Adapting Fast and Slow to a Digital Cultural Turn; SoPHIA – Social Platform for Holistic Heritage Impact Assessment; PlatEU – European Union Policies and the Platformisation of Cultural and Audio-visual Sectors; CULPOL – EU Competences and National Cultural Policies: Critical Dialogues; Europeana Awareness – Best Practice Network; Access to Culture – Policy Analysis, etc. Her work has been published in international and Croatian scientific journals and books.

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