Aleksandra Uzelac


Aleksandra Uzelac

+385 1 487 7486


Job title: Research Adviser, Head of Department for Culture and Communication

Aleksandra Uzelac is research adviser at the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), Zagreb, Croatia (since 1993), and head of the Department for Culture and Communication (since 2006). She holds a PhD (2003) in information science from the University of Zagreb. She has 20 years of professional experience in the area of cultural research – cultural development and cultural policy issues, digital culture, virtual networks and portals, digitalization and the cultural sector, international cultural cooperation and networks. Her present interest centres around the changing environment and context that digital culture has brought to cultural policies and the impact of globalization, convergence processes and commercialization of society and the virtual sphere on cultural diversity. Results of her research have been published in books and journals in Croatia and abroad. In 2008 she was co-editor and one of the contributors of the book Digital Culture: The Changing Dynamics. Aleksandra has combined her research activities with practical initiatives aimed at developing the e-culture infrastructure in Croatia, initiating the Croatian national cultural portal in 2000. She has been a member of various expert groups that focus their activities in the field of cultural policies or digital culture (EENC – European Expert Network on Culture; On-the-Move), bringing into the policy mainstream issues related to the new context digital culture has brought to the cultural sector and cultural policies through international research and conferences. She is a coordinator of the group of experts providing expert advice in the field of culture for the European Parliament (2010-2015). Within the framework of the mentioned initiatives Uzelac, PhD, has provided expertise in the form of issue papers, comments to the study and research studies for the European Commission and European Parliament. She is a member of the Culturelink Network team and the Culturelink editorial board since 1993, as well as a member of the international steering committee of the CultureMondo Network (2006 – present).

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