IRMO, Ul. Lj. F. Vukotinovića 2,
10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
T +385 1 487 7460
F +385 1 482 8361


Job title: Research Assistant

Ivana Keser works as a researcher, at the Department for Resource Economics, Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), Zagreb.  She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science,  University of Zagreb,  holds an LL.M. from European Legal Studies, Europa-Kolleg, Institute for European Integration, University of Hamburg, graduated from Centre for Peace Studies Zagreb, one-year interdisciplinary peace education program and holds a PhD from the International joint degree doctoral programme in the Sociology of regional and local development organised and implemented by the University of Zadar and the University of Teramo (Italy). Her work takes place at the intersection of urban policy research and practices of sustainable local and regional development and integrated governance. Mrs. Keser has been engaged as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb and post graduate interdisciplinary University of Zagreb course “Preparation and implementation of EU projects”. She is a junior expert at many projects related to sustainable development, local and regional development and strategic planning and management.

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