The Library with Information / Documentation Service (INDOC) was founded in 1963 as the Library of the then Institute for African Studies.


The purpose of the Library and INDOC is to provide reference, advisory and bibliographic assistance, primarily to IRMO’s researchers, it is also open to the general public. The Library provides information services that are timely, objective and non-partisan with the goal of contributing to the development of an informed democratic and civil society.


The department of Library and Documentation has a rich holding of books as well as Croatian and foreign journals from the fields of development, international relations, economics, political science, resource economics, environmental protection, culture and communication, etc. The Library also holds IRMO-s research reports and publications.


The Library offers reference, advisory and bibliographic assistance primarily to the IRMO’s Research Departments’ members, while also making its collections available to the general public, graduate students, scholars, government officials, etc.


    • The researchers of IRMO can borrow all the Library materials (books, journals, documents).
    • External users can use the library materials in the Library’s reading room. They can also borrow the books through interlibrary loans.
    • The reference collection cannot be borrowed, but it can be used within the Library.


The Library holdings’ data are preserved partly in a classical card catalogue, partly in a database of selected journal articles, the database of books and the database of documents. Since 2007, the Library catalogue has been available online – e-Library Catalogue.

Library holdings are also catalogued within the Integrated Library System of University and Research Institutes of the Republic of Croatia.

Online databases of foreign journals

Online access to contents and full-text articles of a number of foreign journals is provided to IRMO researchers via Croatian Portal of Electronic Sources for Croatian Academic and Scientific Community, allowing users from the IRMO to search the data on their own.
The access is enabled through IP numbers or a Proxy service using AAI@EduHr electronic identity.

Free Access Information Sources

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