The implementation of the EU project „Protection of environment and nature from forest fires – ForestEye” has officially started on Monday, March 9th, when the Contract was signed. Project is approved under the Cross-Border Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013. Its value is 651,524 euros. Project duration is two years.

Project is lead by Hrvatske šume. Partners are  IRMO, Hercegbosanske šume and Ministry of Science, Education, Culture and Sport of Canton 10. Associates are Nature Park Biokovo and Ministry of Interior of Canton 10.

It’s main goals are:

    1. To ensure preservation of forests with high natural and cultural value through joint action in forest fire detection and firefighting;
    2. To enable faster access to forest fire areas for intervention teams and vehicles, and thus ensure more efficient intervention and rescue actions;
    3. To educate, raise the awareness and promote behaviour that leads to prevention of natural risks, thus protect the environment and biodiversity.


Web page:  ForestEye

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