IRMO Brief’s sixth issue of the author M.Sc. Krševan Antun Dujmović deals with Iran after the removal of international sanctions in January 2016 and impacts on golobal energy markets. In the brief the author argues the re-emergence of Iran on the oil and gas markets will inevitably have an indelible impact on the global energy market and the global economy as a whole, since the country preserves the world’s second largest proven natural gas reserves and fourth largest crude oil reserves. As Iran has a capability to boost it energy production to a much higher level than that during the period of 2012–2015, when the sanctions regime was harshest, Iran will view how to regain its share the market, thus contributing to the growing competiton among regional players, exporters of oil and gas in the Middle East. Iran’s opening in the world energy markets will also bolster the current oil glut and dwindling oil prices on the markets.


IRMO BRIEF 06/2016

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