IMO has been commissioned by the European parliament to conduct a study “Encouraging Private Investment in the Cultural Sector”. The research for the study has been done in the first half of 2011. The study ‘Encouraging Private Investment in the Cultural Sector’. seeks to analyse the various forms of private investment from the point of view of cultural policies and existing stimulatory measures. It aims to provide the European Parliament with a better understanding of the importance of public incentives for the private funding of culture. The main focus of this research is on the importance of the economic, political and cultural aspects of the funding modes and mechanisms developed by governments to encourage private investment in the culture sector and the spread of the use of such modes and mechanisms. The study tries to identify general trends in the EU regarding private financing of the cultural sector, along with providing examples of new practices and policies in EU Member States. It elaborates on empirical data gathered through questionnaires, case studies of five countries and desk research. It provides an overview of mechanisms and measures used to encourage private investment, including: tax framework, financial and banking schemes and intermediary mechanisms. Its focus is on investigating the main motivations for financing the cultural sector and the main obstacles faced by private investors. The study addresses the need for comparative cultural policy research in this field and emphasises the common responsibility of EU member states to provide comparative data on the EU level. A short analysis of trends and main differences in comparison with the United States is also included. On the 23rd November 2011 the study ‘Encouraging Private Investment in the Cultural Sector’ was presented at the European Parliament by the study coordinator Aleksandra Uzelac, Head of Department for Culture and Communication at IMO, Zagreb, Croatia. Lead researcher was Vesna Čopič, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, while other members of the research team were Jaka Primorac, Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, Ana Žuvela from the Institute for International Relations, and Andrej Srakar from the University of Ljubljana.


The study is available online at European Parliament.


This publication is available in electronic format: Encouraging private investment in the cultural sector

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