The book „Cjelovita procjena učinka intervencija u području kulturne baštine – SoPHIA model” (Holistic Impact Assessment of Cultural Heritage Interventions – SoPHIA Model) by Sanja Tišma, PhD, Aleksandra Uzelac, PhD, and Sunčana Franić, was published in December 2023.

Exploring the concept of impact assessment and its application in the cultural heritage sector, this book aims to contribute to the ongoing debate surrounding the adequacy of current models used to assess the impact of projects in the field of cultural heritage. It puts forth a proposal for a more comprehensive model that integrates various evaluation factors and introduces the SoPHIA model and its underlying logic. The SoPHIA model can be adapted to different contexts, considering various user perspectives and the range of interventions requiring evaluation. This adaptability ensures its relevance to a broad spectrum of stakeholders involved in cultural heritage intervention processes, including decision-makers, investors, cultural institution management and staff, users, and the wider public.

Practical and methodological instructions are provided to facilitate the implementation of a holistic approach to impact assessment in everyday heritage management practice. The primary objective is to offer cultural sector professionals a deep understanding of the impact of interventions, particularly in terms of cultural heritage sustainability and resilience.

This book is the outcome of the IRMO team’s work on the project “SoPHIA – Social Platform for Holistic Heritage Impact Assessment” (2020 – 2022), funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program.

For more information about the book, please visit the website of the Jesenski i Turk publishing house using the following link:

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