Authors: Paško Bilić and Jaka Primorac

Publisher: Faculty of Political Science of Zagreb University

ISSN 1847-9758

Paško Bilić, PhD,  Research Associate from the Department for Culture and Communication, and Jaka Primorac, PhD, Senior Research Associate from the Department for Culture and Communication published an article titled ‘The Digital Advertising Gap and the Online News Industry in Croati’a in the journal Media Studies indexed in the Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index) and Scopus.

By using critical political economy of communication the authors provide supporting evidence of the ambiguous influence of data-driven advertising dynamic on the news industry and audience habits. They look at what they define as the digital advertising gap, or the difference between the size of the internet advertising market and the total income of digital news’ firms. Digital intermediaries such as Google and Facebook are the final destinations for the majority of internet advertising investments in Europe and Croatia. A multi-sided, internet advertising market creates a fertile ground for the production of untrustworthy journalistic content. The digital advertising gap provides an example of a ‘market failure’ in which the market does not efficiently allocate public information goods. The authors argue that the confidence in the ability of the market to self-regulate the internet.


Full text is available for download here:

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