Authors: Nada Švob-Đokić and Paško Bilić

Title of article: The pendulum model of Croatian media policy: digitalisation between public interests and market competition

Journal: European Journal of Communication

Publisher: SAGE Publishing

Year: 2016

ISSN 0267-3231
ISSN 1460-3705 (Online)

The authors analyze the digitalization of television broadcasting and the attempts to regulate the electronic publications’ market from a socio-historical and socio-cultural standpoint. Croatia internalized the European normative requirements in the EU accession process. However, the restructuration did not result in expected outcomes in the media system considering the public service broadcaster. The authors offer different analytical explanations to enlighten this long-term process.

The European Journal of Communication is indexed in Web of Science (Social Science Citation Index – SSCI) and SCOPUS. It is ranked in the first quarter (Q1) of journals in the field of media and communication studies.

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