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Editors of the special issue: Jaka Primorac, Paško Bilić. Aleksandra Uzelac

Publisher: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science

Year: 2022.

ISSN 1847-9758 (tisak)
e-ISSN 1848-5030 (online)

The special issue of Media Studies journal on the topic of platformisation has been published online at the  journal website and the website of the Hrčak portal, the central portal of Croatian Open Access scientific journals. The special issue has been developed within the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project ‘European Union Policies and the Platformisation of Cultural and Audio-visual Sectors – platEU’ that was led by the Department for Culture and Communication at the Institute for Development and International Relations from 2020 to 2022. The preparation of the special issue was the last activity of the platEU project that was successfully finalized in 2022.

Together with the introductory article written by the special issue editors Jaka Primorac, Paško Bilić and Aleksandra Uzelac entitled ‘Platformisation of Cultural and Audio-visual Sectors in the European Union: New Policies for New Stakeholders’, the special issue brings three papers and three book reviews  related to the theme of the special issue.

The first paper entitled ‘Streaming Platforms and Profiling – Risks and Opportunities for the Discoverability of Diversified Cultural Content’ by Lilian Richieri Hanania addresses the risks and opportunities for cultural diversity resulting from platforms’ personalization tools. The second paper by Karolina Vodičková, entitled ‘Impact of Global Streaming Platforms on Television Production: A Case Study of Czech Content Production’ illustrates the expansion of the local broadcasting providers into the digital sphere through their own platforms and content, while the third paper ‘Minors as Content Creators: A Study of the Effectiveness of Advertising Regulation in the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain’ authored by Esther Martínez Pastor, Rodrigo Cetina Presuel and Isabel Serrano Maíllo is a comparative study of compliance with advertising regulations related to content created by or aimed at underage people on YouTube in selected countries.

Together with the special issue materials, this issue of Media Studies also brings additional paper on the disinformation entitled ‘COVID-19 Vaccines Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories: An Infodemic on Social Networks and Media in Croatia’ by Kristina Feldvari, Milijana Mićunović, Marija Blagović and two additional book reviews.

The special issue can be downloaded here.

More information about the platEU project can be found at the project website:

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