Zagreb, Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17

Friday, 17th of April 2015, at 11:00

Department for Culture and Communication of the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) organizes a round table discussion as a part of the two-year project ‘Access to Culture: Policy Analysis.

In the auspices of the project the IRMO team has performed research study in order to examine what are the main trends and developments in access to cultural content and services and cultural participation in Croatia. On the basis of data gathered through desk research and interviews, the country report on policies for promotion of access to culture and audience development was written (the report is available in English).

Enabling access to culture and audience development are priority themes of the Creative Europe Programme; the research results of the ‘Access to culture’ project show that cultural policy in Croatia (either on national or local level) still does not recognize nor value efforts of those organizations and institutions that actively develop projects oriented towards attracting audiences and enabling access to culture. In cooperation with colleagues from Austria, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Turkey, the Croatian team is working on a comparative report on the abovementioned issues, as well as on the five transversal thematic analyses, that will be published in May this year after the presentation of the final results of the project.

At the round table, the members of the IRMO team will present results of the research project with the aim to discuss, together with participants of the round table, the possible perspectives of cultural policy development in Croatia. The introductory session will be dedicated to the presentation of the results of the country report and the presentation of the preliminary results of the comparative report. In the following session, a two hour discussion will be opened where examples of good practices in this field, experiences and problems will be presented. The aim of the round table is to discuss experiences in audience development and promotion of access to culture in Croatia and to identify a set of recommendations for future development of cultural policy instruments in this field.

After the round table the organizers are inviting all the participants for a cocktail reception in the Baunet café, a new space that the Museum of Contemporary Art has developed through the EU funded project ‘Bauhaus – Networking Ideas and Practice’.

Due to limited number of seats available, please sign up for attendance at until Wednesday 15th of April 2015.

Team members:

    • Jaka Primorac, PhD
    • Nina Obuljen Koržinek, PhD
    • Aleksandra Uzelac, PhD
    • Paško Bilić, PhD


    • More about the project – EDUCULT.


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