18th of December 2023,

KIC,  Preradovićeva 5, Zagreb

IRMO’s Department for Culture and Communication in cooperation with ZFF Industry organize a round table discussion entitled ‘Big Challenges for Small Cinematographies’ that will be held from 12:00-13:30h on the 18th of December 2023 in KIC, Preradovićeva 5, Zagreb. The round table will gather participants of the Horizon Europe project ‘Increasing the international competitiveness of the film industry in small European markets’ (CresCine): Jakob Isak Nielsen from the University of Aarhus, Denmark and Ivana Kostovska from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium, and by Martina Petrović, Head of the Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA Office Croatia. Jaka Primorac from the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) and the coordinator of the CresCine project team for Croatia will moderate the discussion.

Theme of the round table:

In the last couple of years, the film industry globally has faced a series of transformations at the level of production, distribution and consumption. The entrance of streaming services caused the most significant change in addition to the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially in the North American context, we have also seen the labour force resistance to these changes in the form of screenwriters’ and actors’ strikes. But what do all these changes mean for the film industry in countries with small production capacities? This round table will discuss the main challenges for film production and distribution in so-called ‘small countries’; in particular, speakers will present how public policies respond to these dynamic changes in the audio-visual field. What does the research data tell us about the changes in the patterns of audience’s habits in consumption of audio-visual content and how does the content from small markets reach local and global audiences? What public policy instruments do we have available to bring the sometimes controversial production practices of the global corporate streaming services in small countries into dialogue with the local audio-visual industry? Finally, the round table will also touch upon the role of the most important program for the audio-visual industry in Europe, ‘MEDIA’, and the obstacles faced both by small cinematographies and MEDIA beneficiaries when applying for the MEDIA funds.

After the round table join us for a cocktail reception!

The organizers of the event are IRMO and ZFF Industry, in cooperation with KIC and CED – MEDIA Office Croatia.

About the speakers:

Jakob Isak Nielsen, Associate Professor at the Department of Media and Journalism Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark. His research interests are film and media industry studies and film and media aesthetics.

Ivana Kostovska is a media economics researcher at SMIT-VUB, Belgium. Her current research is focused on understanding the impact of the ongoing changes in the European film and TV industries driven by the rise of global streaming services and platforms.

Martina Petrović is the Head of the Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA Office Croatia consulting and advising potential MEDIA applicants as well as being actively involved in organizing innovative events/workshops as important tools for education and networking.

Moderator: Jaka Primorac, Scientific Advisor at the Department for Culture and Communication, Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO).

The round table is part of the activities of the CresCine project no. 101094988 supported by the Horizon Europe programme of the European Union. For more information visit: www.crescine.eu

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