Bjelovar, Croatia

February 20, 2012.

The Conference on the Possibility of Using Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency in the Cities and Municipalities will be held in Bjelovar, Croatia, on 20 February 2012. Introductory lectures will be held by His Excellency Mr. Bernd Fischer, Ambassador of Germany to Croatia, and Ms. Mirela Holy, Minister of Environmental Protection of Croatia. Along with Minister Holy, various other lecturers and representatives from relevant national institutions will take part in the conference and hold presentations: Ana Pavičić Kaselj (Assistant Minister of Construction and Physical Planning), Igor Raguzin (representative of the Ministry of Economy), and Marija Šćulac Domac (representative of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund). Germany has been showing progress in climate and energy policy and seeking to realize ambitious goals, therefore Germany’s experience will be shared and presented by Konrad Kober (Member of the Bavarian Parliament) and Theo Abenstein (journalist and Consultant for Environmental Protection at the Hanns Seidel Foundation).

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