Ana-Maria Boromisa, PhD had a lecture on energy security within the United Nations system at the UN Academy. The lecture was part of the education programme UN Academy, lauched six years ago by the Croatian UN Soceity and implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Roughly 30 participants of the programme were selected among more two hundred candidates that applied. The programme of the UN Academy cosists of 10 lectures, including general part dealing with UN system and thematic issue. This year, the theme is energy security.

The final conference will be held on 10th June 2015. Announced speakers include HE Susan Cox, amassador of Ausralia in Republic Coratia, HE Maciej Szymański, Amassador of the Republic of Poland, Prof. Davor Škrlec, member of the European Pariament, Dubravko Žirovčić, PhD, head of Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Maja Božičević Vrhovčak, PhD, president of the Society for Sustanable Development (DOOR).

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