Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, Ph.D., and Sanja Tišma, Ph.D., Senior Research Advisers, published the articleEnsuring sustainability of cultural heritage through effective public policies” in the journal Urbani izziv/Urban Challenge (ISSN: 0353-6483). The journal is indexed in Q2 in the SCOPUS and in the ESCI databases. The article defines the concept of heritage sustainability and offers methods to measure and evaluate it. Based on the research conducted on good practice examples analysed in Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Spain, an all-encompassing set of cultural heritage sustainability indicators is proposed. They could be of use to the policy makers for determining priorities in financing of the cultural heritage projects.

The article can be accessed here: https://urbaniizziv.uirs.si/Portals/urbaniizziv/Clanki/2020/urbani-izziv-en-2020-31-02-02.pdf

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