We are pleased to announce that the regular Summer/Fall 2017 issue (Vol. 23 No. 79) has been published.

The full issue is available here, and the individual articles here.

This issue includes 6 articles and 5 book reviews.

Josip Glaurdić analyzes the relationship between Croatia and the United Kingdom from Croatia’s independence to Brexit, Ana Bojinović Fenko and Zlatko Šabić look at Slovenia’s foreign policy, Đana Luša analyzes the geopolitics of the Olympic Games, Julija Brsakoska Bazerkoska and Mišo Dokmanović look at the role of the EU in the Westen Balkan conflicts, Matthieu Grandpierron attempts to explain why the UK went to war with Argentina over the Falklands crisis, and Gonda Yumitro and Heavy Nala Estriani analyze Egypt in light of the Arab Spring.

The book reviews present resent works by Vladimir Unkovski-Korica, Jonathan Gander, Sabine Marshall, Andrew Small and Joseph Nye.



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