The Institute for Development and International Relations, and University Niccolò Cusano, Italy, have signed a Cooperation Agreement. The purpose of this Agreement is to enhance cooperation in scientific research and the exchange of experts of these two scientific institutions.

Regarding research cooperation, both institutions will propose research plans in order to address the application of data analysis techniques both qualitative and quantitative related to the tourism, hospitality industry and sustainable development. In this regard, they will seek to expand primary research and fieldwork in their countries aimed at tourism stakeholders, and the results of joint research are planned to be jointly published in relevant scientific journals and presented at conferences.

Regarding the exchange of experts, both institutions, if possible, will exchange their researchers, as well as students or doctoral students in order to enable them to acquire new knowledge and training, participate in joint projects,  scientific practice and further.

In addition to the mentioned cooperation,  they intend to expand, improve and exchange knowledge, encourage joint research, exchange experiences of scientists, practitioners and decision makers, share information on the possibility of publishing joint scientific and professional manuscripts and other publications, foster joint participation in scientific conferences, round tables and workshops, and apply for joint international scientific projects.

The operational coordinators of the cooperation are Damir Demonja, Ph.D., Scientific advisor on permanent position for the Institute for Development and International Relations, IRMO, Zagreb, e-mail:, and Prof. Marco Valeri, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour and Knowledge Management for Niccolò Cusano University, Italy, e-mail:

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