Damir Demonja, Ph.D., Research Adviser, from the Department of International Economic and Political Relations of the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), along with a co-author Tatjana Gredičak, Ph.D., Research Associate from the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, has published a scientific paper under the title “The role of marketing in the development of cultural tourism in Croatia” in scientific journal Podravina: Journal of Multidisciplinary Research by the publisher “Merdijani”, Samobor, Croatia. The journal is indexed in the database SCOPUS. The paper presents a brief overview and critical review of the achievements of the development of cultural tourism in Croatia. It analyzes and through the examples of good practice presents the effective marketing management of the development of tourism product in the continental part of the Republic of Croatia. Finally, guidelines for marketing development of cultural tourism in Croatia are proposed.


The full paper is available at the link HRCAK.

Podravina: scientific multidisciplinary research journal

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