The international conference ‘9th ICARUS Croatia Days’ was held at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek from March 13 to 15, 2024, on the topic of „Heritage Beyond Borders: Cultural and Educational Practices and New Perspectives“. The meeting was attended by the Head of the Department of Culture and Communications from IRMO, Aleksandra Uzelac, PhD, with two presentations. As part of the Creative Heritage session, Uzelac gave a presentation under the title “The SoPHIA model for holistic impact assessment of interventions on cultural heritage – a step towards sustainability?” (in co-authorship with Sunčana Franić), and within the GLAM and Digital session she presented the topic “Digital transformation and cultural policies in Europe:  Croatia’s perspective” (in co-authorship with Jaka Primorac, PhD). About 200 registered domestic and international experts and scientists participated in the meeting, presented their research, and, in three days, discussed the challenges and future in the cultural heritage field. You can find the entire program of the conference here.

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