Aleksandra Uzelac, PhD, Head of the Department for Culture and Communications from IRMO has joined the latest cohort of the EU/UNESCO Expert Facility 2023-2026 supporting the UNESCO programme “Advancing evidence-based policies and actions, and supporting policy making to enhance the contribution of creative sectors and industries to sustainable development”.

The Expert Facility is an international pool of 54 recognized experts (independent consultants, academics and researchers, governmental officials and civil servants, cultural operators, managers of cultural institutions or associations) that have a relevant experience in designing or implementing policies to support cultural and creative sectors. At the call for applications for the fourth cycle of the program, more than 330 applications from more than 80 countries were received, and 54 of them were selected.

The first working meeting of this group was held in Buenos Aires from 29th November to 1st December 2023 in Buenos Aires, as a 3-day workshop, where 30 international experts discussed global strategies for the development of dynamic and sustainable creative sectors in developing countries.

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