Our scientists, Sanja Tišma, PhD, Anamarija Farkaš, PhD, Anamarija Pisarović, PhD, Marina Funduk, PhD and Iva Tolić, MA from the Department for Resource Economics, Environmental Protection and Regional Development are the authors of the book on bioeconomy entitled: “Economy, Ecology and Policy for the Bioeconomy – A Holistic Approach” published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

The authors analyze the theoretical framework of the bioeconomy development, the key indicators of bioeconomy sector development, as well as strategic and planning documents both at global and EU level that indicate the future sector’s development goals. Classic sectors related to bioeconomy – agriculture, forestry and aquaculture – are described in detail, with an emphasis on the importance of new areas of  bioeconomy such as bioenergy, biomedicine and biopharmacy. Moreover, a new holistic approach of monitoring and evaluating the bioeconomy is proposed, which includes economic, environmental and social dimensions.

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