The latest issue of SEE-6 Economic Outlook (Vol. 8, No. 1, May 2022) brings an overview of the performance of Croatian economy in the 2021 and forecasts of economic growth for the 2022 as well as for 2023-2024. The author of this section of publication is Dr Nevenka Čučković from IRMO.

After an impressive economic recovery from pandemic shock in 2021, the Croatian economy growth rate is envisaged to slow down strongly in 2022. The war in Ukraine and the negative impacts of several rounds of economic sanctions introduced by the EU to Russia have changed significantly the economic growth prospects for the EU countries, including Croatia. The most of domestic and international forecasts for 2022-2024 were therefore revised significantly downwards. All of these prognoses single out that the major negative risk for the growth rates’ realisation in this period is linked with rising inflation caused primarily by the enormous increase of the energy and food prices. Such prices developments would inevitably cause worsening of financial conditions due to an increase of interest rates, thus significantly affecting future investments and other growth factors.

SEE-6 Economic Outlook is a biannual publication in English published by the members of the SEEA association since 2015. The publication provides an overview of economic trends as well as short and medium-term forecasts for six countries of Southeast Europe. It is published by the Institute of Economic Sciences Belgrade in cooperation with the partner institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Slovenia, among which is IRMO, Zagreb.


The text of publication is available in an open access at the following link:

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