Within the framework of the CULPOL project, the Croatian International Relations Review (CIRR) accepts contributions for its special thematic issue ‘European Union and Challenges of Cultural Policies: Critical Perspectives’ that will focus on the systematic and critical reflections on the impact of the European Union on the national level policies that are framing the cultural field, shedding light on the challenges of implementing cultural policies, as well as, on the challenges of creating and thinking about new cultural policies.

Please read the full Call for proposals at the following link.

We welcome original articles written in English up to 8000 words in length (including footnotes and an abstract of 150 words, and excluding the bibliography). All selected articles are subject to double-blind refereeing by at least two reviewers. Please consult the Instructions for authors before submitting your contributions.

Articles should be sent to cirr@irmo.hr with the subject line stating ‘Article submission for the Special Issue on European Union and Challenges of Cultural Policies: Critical Perspectives’.

Article submission deadline: November 12th, 2017

Expected publication date: June, 2018

In case of further inquiries, please feel free to contact our Guest Editors: JakaPrimorac (jaka@irmo.hr), Aleksandra Uzelac (auzelac@irmo.hr) and PaškoBilić (pasko@irmo.hr).

For more information, please follow CULPOL project website or contact us via email: culpol@irmo.hr

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