The February 2019 edition of the IRMO Brief, written by Izabela Albrycht, Chairperson of the Kosciuszko Institute in Krakow, deals with the digital dimension of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI). 3SI cooperation decision makers need to bear in mind that the future will be relied on cyberspace. That is why the Digital 3SI consists of several projects and joint-action proposals aimed at building digital cooperation, including cybersecurity cooperation, as well as digital infrastructure deployment, regional support in digital transformation and education of digitally skilled societies. Development and implementation of new hi-tech solutions and deployment of the next generation digital infrastructures are prerequisites for the future economic growth of the region. Adding cybersecurity dimension across three pillars of cooperation and deploying infrastructure in “security by design” mode is the only way to make the 3SI architects’ dreams come true.

IRMO Brief 02/2019

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