The Institute for Development and International Relations, Zagreb, under Article 67 Paragraph 3 of the Scientific Activity and Higher Education Law Amendment Act (Official Gazette no. 94/13) and Article 37 of its Statute, announces a


for the scientific status and position of Research Adviser (Permanent Position) in the scientific field of social sciences, area of economics, at the Department for Resource Economics, Environmental Protection and Regional Development – two researchers

A permanent employment contract will be signed

Requirements: Candidates have to fulfil the requirements for the selection to the scientific status and position of research adviser prescribed by the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education. In addition to a written application, candidates need to enclose a:

  • CV (including valid e-mail address, general information, schooling history, acquired professional qualification and academic degree),
  • proof of the fulfilment of the requirements for the selection to the scientific position prescribed by the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education,
  • list of works published since the last selection into the scientific status.

Persons of both sexes may apply under equal opportunities (Article 13, Paragraph 2 of the Act on the Equality of Sexes, Official Gazette no. 116/03).

Candidates may enclose other proof they deem relevant for their application (proof of the quantitative evaluation of the scientific production, list of worked on research projects from the fields of research of the Department and/or other fields, proof of command of foreign languages, etc.). Preference will be given to the candidate with long-standing experience in leading projects and research from the Department’s fields of research.

All requested documentation may be submitted in copy. The selected candidate will be required to present originals or certified copies before signing the work contract.

This job offer has been published in the National Gazette, a daily newspaper, the official web portal of  EURAXESS, the Institute and the Croatian Employment Service. Applications must be received at the Institute no later than 25 April 2018 at 3 p.m. regardless of the means of delivery.

Applications are accepted in written form exclusively, sent in a sealed envelope to: Institute for Development and International Relations, Lj. F. Vukotinovića 2, P.O. Box 303, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, marked “Research Adviser Vacancy”.

Applications are submitted directly to the Registration Office of the Institute or by registered mail to the above address. Candidates choose their means of delivery freely and are solely responsible for the risk of loss or belated delivery.

Incomplete or belated applications will not be considered. Candidates will be informed about the selection results by the legal deadline via the Institute’s web page at

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