The Institute for Development and International Relations, Zagreb, pursuant to Article 66 of its Statute, Article 40 of the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education (Official Gazette nos. 123/03, 105/04, 174/04, 02/07, 46/07, 45/09, 63/11, 94/13, 139/13, 101/14, 60/15 and 131/2017), and the authorisation of the Ministry of Science and Education, announces a


for the systematized position of expert associate in the system of science and higher education, scientific field of social sciences, field economics in the Department for Resource Economics, Environmental Protection and Regional Development – one employee on a permanent employment contract with a probationary period of 6 months.

Mandatory conditions:

  • completed undergraduate and graduate university study or integrated undergraduate and graduate university study or specialist graduate professional study with a total of 300 ECTS credits in the scientific field of social sciences, field of economics, or higher education in accordance with the regulations in force before the entering into force of the Law on Scientific Activity and Higher Education,
  • experience in working on projects,
  • excellent command of the Croatian and English language,
  • developed writing skills and computer skills.

Applicants must enclose:

  • a personally signed application which must contain information about the applicant (name and surname, address, e-mail address and telephone number), the position to which the candidate is applying, the application date and the applicant’s handwritten signature,
  • a CV detailing the experience in working on projects,
  • proof of appropriate level of education (copy of diploma or other equivalent document, proof of acquired 300 ECTS credits for applicants who have a specialist graduate professional study),
  • proof of English language proficiency (certificates, papers published in English, etc.).

Applicants may enclose other documents they consider relevant (regarding the participation in research projects, published scientific papers, presentations held at conferences, obtained awards and scholarships, knowledge of other foreign languages, etc.). All required documents may be submitted in the original or uncertified copies.

The employer may conduct a testing or a structured interview of applicants who meet the formal requirements of the competition. Applicants will be notified of the dates of the test or interview by e-mail sent to the address provided in the application. Applicants who do not respond to the call for testing or interview will be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition.

Applications shall be submitted within 30 days from the date of publication of the job offer in the National Gazette. Persons of both sexes may apply under equal opportunities.

Applications are sent exclusively in writing in a sealed envelope to the address: Institut za razvoj i međunarodne odnose, Lj. F. Vukotinovića 2, POB 303, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, marked “Natječaj za radno mjesto stručnog suradnika”.

Incomplete or belated applications submitted after the application deadline will not be considered nor will candidates who have submitted incomplete application be invited to amend their applications.

The job application process requires the processing of personal data. The application documentation or data from it will be used exclusively for the purpose of conducting the selection process.  The data will be kept for the period required according to the legal obligations of the Institute as processing manager.

The selected candidate will be required to present originals or certified copies before signing the work contract.

Candidates will be informed about the selection results by the legal deadline via the Institute’s web page (

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