Project duration: 5/2016 – 11/2017

Co-financing: Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (FZOEU)

Project manager: Sanja Tišma, PhD

Project goal

The Parkadapt1 project aims to identify the state and trends of climate change impacts on biological and landscape diversity within national parks in the Republic of Croatia and analyse the socio-economic impacts of climate change on offer and activities within national parks, including tourism, agriculture, forestry, hunting, water management. The project aims to identify challenges in managing national parks resulting from climate change, related to the protection of ecosystems, processes and types, and the main activities within national parks, as well as to develop a list of project ideas, including the identification of potential partners eligible for funding through EU funds.


Results of the Parkadapt1 and Parkadapt2 projects presented



PROJECT NEWSLETTER 2: Parkadapt1 2017

PROJECT NEWSLETTER 1: Parkadapt1 2016

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