Project duration: 11/2020 – 05/2021

Client: European Commissan

Project manager: Paško Bilić, PhD

The Center for Media Pluralism and Media Freedoms (CMPF) of the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy, monitors media pluralism in the national media systems of the European Union and other countries. The project evaluates the state of media pluralism in print, electronic and digital media based on uniform and scientific criteria. The monitoring of risks to media pluralism is divided into categories: basic protection, market pluralism, inclusiveness of the media and political independence. Various legislative, social and economic variables extend through these categories. In this project cycle, a significantly greater emphasis was placed on digital communication and on indicators related to the impact of the CODI-19 pandemic on media pluralism.
The project goal is:
• collection, recording and documentation of data
• evaluation of the risk to media pluralism in Croatia
• communication with regulators and civil society associations
The expected impact of the project is:
• systematization of risks to media pluralism in Croatia
• detection of key deficiencies of media regulation and policy in Croatia and the EU

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