Project duration: 8/2015 – 9/2016

Client: Office for Financing and Contracting of EU Projects (CES OFC) within Croatian Employment Service, perational Programme “Human Resources Development ”

Team leader: Sanja Tišma, PhD

PODURES project has contributed to the increase of information of the target groups on the needs to develop entrepreneurship and lifelong learning for the purpose of economic development. Thematic discussions have been organized for high school students, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and public administration. Web Fair enabled continuous promotion of craftsmen and entrepreneurs by presentation of their products while Web Center of Entrepreneurship enabled better connectivity of public administration and entrepreneurs as well as professional support in problem solving. IRMO organized and conducted six discussions for young people under the title “Green Entrepreneurship”. Video clip is available on the Web portal. Themes of the discussions were related to encouragement of entrepreneurial activities that contribute to the preservation of environment, ways and models of self-employment, supports in entrepreneurship, EU funds, etc. Discussions with interested entrepreneurs were also organized on the themes of sales techniques, possibilities of establishment of new firms, innovative ways of fund raising for their functioning and parafiscal levies.

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