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Project duration: 02/2010 – 10/2010

Client: City of Zagreb, City Offi ce for Strategic Planning and Development of the City

Team leader: Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, PhD

The study focused on exploring the cultural / creative industries of the City of Zagreb at two levels: the potential for profit and the potential of creating a recognizable city. The objectives of the study are short term and long term. The first include defining the key elements of contemporary cultural identification of Zagreb, which can affect its international recognition and serve as a key point for the tourist attraction and sales, and competitive advantage in the tourism market (branding), as well as providing a different perception about the role and definition of the sector of cultural / creative industries. The second are related to laying the foundations of cultural planning in Zagreb as well as strategic placement of public administration towards the sector of cultural / creative industries, establishing a set of criteria (“Identity Index”) for the identity system of the City of Zagreb, and the inclusion of cultural / creative industries in the entire cultural sector of Zagreb.

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