Analiza regionalnih kapaciteta za korištenje EU fondova na županijskoj razini

Author: Jakša Puljiz

Publisher: IRMO

Year: 2011

ISBN 978-953-6096-55-8

The study contains the results of the research on the capacity of county institutions to participate effectively in absorption of EU funds. It combines the results of the survey analysis with official data on the amount of grants contracted by the counties as well as other actors until 31st December 2010. The results have confirmed the important role played by the county institutions in attracting EU funds. Not only that they have actively participated with their own projects, but they have been strongly involved in supporting the applications of other local actors. Results have also confirmed that establishing of county development agencies meant a very strong incentive for faster development of the overall absorption capacities at the regional level. However, significant regional differences with respect to the level of capacity are much present. Around three quarters of total funds have been contracted by one quarter of counties. Study has also identified most important needs for the future capacity building of county institutions with respect to absorption of EU funds.

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