Paško Bilić,PhD, Research Associate from the Department for Culture and Communication, published an article titled Media, Social Ontology and Intentionality: Notes from Meta-Theoretical Borders in the Javnost – The Public indexed in the Web of Science (Social Science Citation Index) and Scopus. The author systematizes three current meta-theories dealing with the interrelation between media, social and cultural change: mediatisation, reflexive modernisation, and political economy of communication. All three approaches contain a complex system of ideas and concepts that explain elements of media and socio-cultural change. The main argument is that by looking at the intersection between these areas, a more complete argument can be made for explaining the complexity of media and social change. To better explain this position the author uses social ontology to see how these theoretical approaches understand society and and its constituent elements. He also uses intentionality to understand how the experiences of actors about society and the role of communication and media in society are presented in these theoretical approaches.


The article is available for a limited number of downloads here: https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/y5Qdnv6baHRsndQd85pr/full

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