AuthorsSanja Tišma, Danijel Baturina, Maja Janković, Damir Demonja

Journal: „Nova prisutnost – Časopis za intelektualna i duhovna pitanja“ („New Presence – Journal of Intellectual and Spiritual Issues“), Vol. 21, No. 2, 2023, pp. 301-316,

Publisher:„New Presence – Journal of Intellectual and Spiritual Issues“ is Christian Academic Circle (Kršćanski akademski krug)from Zagreb.

Year: 2023

ISSN 1334-2312 (print)
ISSN 1848-8676 (online)


Social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Croatia is a relatively new concept. The issue of the development of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Croatia is closely related to the lack of an appropriate legal framework, and with the still insufficiently clear criteria for recognizing social entrepreneurs. Cooperatives have a strong potential as one of the instruments of economic and local development, especially social   cooperatives that help the socially disadvantaged, the infirm and people in difficult life situations. Veterans belong to a vulnerable group in Croatian society, whose integration into society is still difficult for a number of reasons. Some of the factors are the insufficiently clear and harmonized legislative framework, the insufficient social welfare system and the generally unfavorable social environment. Therefore, veterans’ social working cooperatives represent a potential form of association that enables veterans to be more easily included in society, with the development of entrepreneurial activities and at the same time achieving a positive social role. The assessment of the state of cooperatives in the Republic of Croatia showed that the veterans’ population is insufficiently informed about the possibilities of acting within the framework of social entrepreneurship. This paper specifically considers the potential of veterans’ social working cooperatives as work integration social enterprises. Given that long-term unemployed Croatian veterans of the Homeland War and members   of their families are often in the group of hard-to-employ persons, there is a need to take certain measures aimed at strengthening their competitiveness in the labor market.

Key words

Republic of Croatia, social entrepreneurship, veterans, veterans’ social working cooperatives

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