Informacijski izvori iz međunarodnih odnosa i međunarodna integracija Hrvatske

Author: Snježana Ivanović

Publisher: IRMO

Year: 2012. – IX, 151 pp.

The purpose of the book is to stress the need for good information sources in the field of International Relations, and take into consideration not only the historic role of libraries in selection, evaluation, organization and presentation of those sources but also their importance in the building of information society. Only well informed citizens can make valid decisions. Thus, the idea has emerged that it should be made possible for the users in Croatia as well to get most of relevant information related to that extensive scientific field, particularly its political aspect, from a single point of access. Such access to digital information sources on the Internet is possible only by creating a vertical portal, i.e. vortal. Therefore, the book focuses on the elaboration of a vortal for international relations within the library of the Institute for Development and International Relations, Zagreb.

Key words: International Relations, IR, international integration, information revolution, Information Society, libraries, portals, vortals, Croatia

This publication is available only in Croatian.

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