A kick off meeting of the project „Strengthening competitiveness of Croatia and Montenegro by internationalization of business –Role of commercial diplomacy” was held on 18th June 2015 in IRMO. Project is implemented  by IRMO and the Economic Faculty Podgorica in the framework of scientific-technological co-operation between Croatia and Montenegro project.

Methodology, timetable and activities necessary to deal with following research questions was defined:

    1. 1Which sectors in Montenegro and Croatia have the highest potential to be internationally competitive?
    2. Are these sectors complementary
    3. Which are key current and potential new markets for products and services in these sectors
    4. What are priorities for coopeation between Croatian and Montenegrin commercial diplomacy?
    5. Can, and to which extent, cooperation enhance national competitiveness
    6.  What is the impact of MOntenegrin EU accession process on economic relations between Croatia and Montenegro?
    7. To which extent commercial diplomacy can help implementing economic reforms?
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