October 4, 2024, House of Europe, Zagreb

The CULTURELINK Center / IRMO, in cooperation with the Miko Tripalo Center, is preparing a memorial conference in honour of our long-time and respected colleague, Dr. Biserka Cvjetičanin. In order to honour her rich professional life marked by dedicated work in the field of cultural policies, to which she left very valuable contribution, in October we will organize a half day conference entitled ‘Cultural diversity, cultural networks and cultural policies: The legacy of Biserka Cvjetičanin’s cultural optimism’. The focus of this event will be on the relevance of research concerning cultural policies and sustainable cultural development, and the role of the Culturelink Network in promoting research related to cultural development, cultural diversity and networking in culture. Through panel discussions, we will open a discussion about the topics that Dr. Biserka Cvjetičanin dealt with in her work and point out their continuous relevance.

The work of this event will take place through three panel discussions:

  • Relevance of research in cultural policy and sustainable cultural development – legacy of Biserka Cvjetičanin’s work
  • Cultural development, cultural diversity and cultural networking. The legacy of Culturelink Network
  • International cultural cooperation in the context of global social turmoil

Please save the date and join us in honoring Dr. Biserka Cvjetičanin work.

For more information, follow our website and social media channels.

We look forward to your participation!

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