The IRMO team consisting of Aleksandra Uzelac, Jaka Primorac and Barbara Lovrinić Higgins – participated in the three-year research project ‘Rapids and backwaters. Adapting fast and slow to a digital cultural turn‘ (3/2020 – 12/2023) coordinated by the Telemark Research Institute and financed by the Research Council of Norway. The project’s aim was to investigate how digitization affects different types of value generation in the field of cultural production, as well as how existing legislation and regulation – copyright and cultural policy – have adapted to digital production and the distribution of culture.

One of the main outputs of this project is the book ‘Digital Transformation and Cultural Policies in Europe’ published by Routledge and edited by Ole Marius Hylland and Jaka Primorac. The book covers seven case studies on digital cultural policies in diverse European countries (Croatia, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom), provides an analysis of digital cultural policies at the EU level, presents the theoretical framework used and provides a comparative analysis of the seven case studies. The authors of the chapter analysing the digital cultural policy in Croatia are IRMO researchers – Aleksandra Uzelac, Jaka Primorac and Barbara Lovrinić Higgins.

The final results of the project were presented on November 22, 2023 at the National Library in Oslo.

The book ‘Digital transformation and cultural policies in Europe’ is available in open access at the following address.

Detailed results of the project are available on the project website.



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