Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) has completed the Action Plan for Stimulating the Development of Zagreb’s Cultural/Creative Industries. The importance cultural/creative industries can have in the overall city development has been detected by the measure C1.P2-M3 of the Development Strategy of the City of Zagreb 2011-2013 (ZagrebPlan), and the City Office for the Strategic Planning and Development of the City has been assigned its implementation. The Action Plan is the follow up of the previously prepared study Zagreb as a Cultural Product (also prepared by IRMO) which investigated the cultural/creative industries’ development potentials. The Action Plan represents the operationalization of the activities needed for their development and consists of the following chapters:

  • Introduction – basic concepts, scope and role of cultural/creative industries, legal framework and related EU policies
  • Overview of cultural/creative industries’ development accompanied by the evaluation of their potential, the estimate of their market (domestic, foreign) and SWOT analysis
  • Proposal of the Action Plan with goals, measures and timeline, realization indicators, evaluation, key implementation actors, financial costs and funding sources
  • Annex – European practice examples.

The authors of the document are Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, Ana Žuvela, and Marijo Polić.


For more about the project, please visit web page.

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