Our researchers, Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, Ph.D. and Sanja Tišma, Ph.D. in co-authorship with Dragana Glivetić, are the authors of the “Handbook for Cultural Heritage” published by Jesenski and Turk. The goal of the handbook is to provide deeper understanding of cultural heritage sustainability and raise awareness of cultural heritage as a significant development resource. In line with this approach, the goal is to show interesting practices that have led to a more sustainable and lasting cultural heritage projects, successfully addressing challenges and threats in terms of economic, socio-cultural, environmental and political pressures. Therefore, following the definition of basic concepts and appreciation of cultural heritage in the context of development, the manual determines the most common cultural heritage sustainability challenges, provides answers and solutions to these challenges, and presents successful examples of practices. Attention is given to various aspects of sustainability (economic, environmental, socio-cultural, political), with an emphasis on the possibility of transferring successful examples to another context. The special value of this manual is in the proposal of relevant measures for cultural heritage sustainability that can be incorporated into public policies. In addition to the measures, specific indicators for monitoring the successfulness of cultural heritage sustainability are listed. The manual is the result of many years of research and experience of the authors in the field of cultural heritage and strategic planning.

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