Project duration: 2000 – 2006 (project is implemented on a yearly basis)

Client: Ministry of Public works, Construction and Reconstruction (present Ministry of Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development)

Origin of Funding: Budget, Croatian Government

Commissioned by the Government (Ministry for Public Works, Reconstruction and Construction) the project aimed to provide an analytical basis for assessing the level of development of the Croatian territorial units with the aim of widening the span of territorial units which are currently receiving government support under the “Law on areas of special state concern”. Namely, unlike the previous approach which was based on the sole criterion whether a unit had been occupied during the war, this new approach is based on various socio-economic indicators, providing thus a much more objective and yearly updated picture of the area.


    • the definition and explanation of the applied indicators,
    • model for assessing the level of development,
    • application of the assessment procedure and a list of the suitable municipalities for state support.

The results of the project served as the basis for changing the Law on Areas of Special State Concern (ASSC). The research team also participated in drafting the amendments to the Law on Areas of Special State Concern. A new version of the law has been accepted in 2002. After finishing the elaboration of the initial model in 2001, the project team has been assigned by the respective Ministry to yearly evaluate development level of the territorial units and prepare a report summing up key results including the following:

    • list of eligible units satisfying the criteria,
    • list of units which should loose their status of ASSC and
    • list of units which should enter ASSC.

Also, advice as to potential improvements of the model has been regularly provided.

Type of Services Provided

    • Preparation of the analysis on similar approaches in development level assessment of territorial units in other countries
    • collection of the necessary data
    • elaboration of the model for the development level assessment
    • proposal of the eligible territorial units to enter the Areas of Special State Concern
    • elaboration of the amendment to the Law on Areas of Special State Concern
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