Project duration: 4/2010 – 12/2010

Client: UNDP, Economic Faculty Osijek

Team leader: Krešimir Jurlin, PhD

This is a continuation of the research of the Regional Competitiveness Index 2007 which measures the competitiveness of Croatian counties and regions based on numerous statistical and survey indicators and their aggregation at the level of the index of the business sector and business environment, as well as the final ranking of countis based on competitiveness. The project consisted of defining and testing indicators of competitiveness, their grouping into factors of competitiveness and the development and fi nal indices, which rank counties and regions according to their competitiveness. In the scope of the study, a large executive survey was conducted, analyzed and used as indicators of certain aspects of regional competitiveness. The benefi t of this research is to (inter alia) use the prepared database in development and evaluation of the county development strategy.

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