Project duration: 6/2009 – 9/2009

Client: Ministry of environmental protection, physical planning and construction and Central Finance and Contracting Agency, Zagreb

Origin of funding: European Union

Partners:Rambøll Danmark A/S

To improve environmental conditions through the establishment of environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes. Project aims: to establish hazardous waste management system according to National Waste Management Strategy, particularly in relation to the identification, characterization and, further management of ‘hot spot sites’, and to increase the ability of relevant governmental authorities to apply and enforce the acquis communautaire relating to waste management.

Type of services provided

    • Describe the economical perspectives, constrains and strengthening of the selected sites and reflect the socio economic situation
    • Baseline the current operation costs of disposal of wastes and cross environmental impact costs
    • Support the project team in financial analytical approaches during the feasibility phase
    • Dynamic prime unit cost calculation and Internal return of invest calculation
    • Carry out a cost benefit analyse (including cross benefits)
    • Support to the project team in identification of the implementation costs
    • Evaluate the current investment (funding) possibilities
    • Summarizing and description of the cost structure in combination with required human resources and time scheduling (Cash Flow description)
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