Project duration: 7/2008 – 1/2009

Client: National oil and gas company INA d.d.

The purpose of the project was to analyse energy security in South East Europe (SEE) and evaluate long-term impact on energy security of the strategic (investment) decisions of the national oil and gas company.The project is focused on two issues: weather the SEE, as the only region with EU membership perspective can improve its geo-strategic importance based on importance for security of supply, and/or whether such importance can be used in international negotiations; how does the energy dependence influence decision-making process

Main project activities:

    • Analysis of elements for evaluation energy security
    • Development of data
    • Analysis of the elements of energy security
    • Drafting conclusions and recommendations

Type of services provided

    • Project design and management
    • Data collection and analysis
    • Consulting in the field of energy security
    • Drafting of reports
    • Provision of high level technical expertise
    • Policy recommendations
    • Presentation of the project results
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