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Project duration: 5/2012 – 8/2012

Client: SISAK PROJEKTI Ltd., City of Sisak

Team leader:  Ana-Maria Boromisa, PhD

As part of the project Enhancement of Business Infrastructure of the City of Sisak necessity of integral approach in business infrastructure development in the city of Sisak and its surrounding areas has been recognized. Special focus has been put on South Industrial Zone in which green entrepreneurship development will be encouraged.

Overall objective of the action is to contribute to the sustainable development of the Sisak and surrounding areas by fostering small and medium entrepreneurship (SME) growth and job creation. Specific objectives, aimed to contribute to the achievement of the overall objective, include:

    1. To remove impediments for SME growth through development physical infrastructure in the South Industrial Zone Novo Praćno;
    2. To support creation, growth and competitiveness of environmentally friendly SMEs in Sisak area through business support.

Main project activities have been grouped in five categories:

    1. Project management,
    2. Completion of infrastructure works;
    3. Development of the Comprehensive Business Support Strategy and launching implementation,
    4. Equipping Business Support Centre and establishing regular activities,
    5. Awareness campaign on green entrepreneurship
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