Project duration: 12/2010 – 12/2015

Client:  European Commission

Team leader:  Aleksandra Uzelac, PhD

European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) is the project which will in the period of 24 months offer expert services to European Commission in the field of culture in the form of answers to ad-hoc questions by the Commission and through the development of analytical studies and reports on individual issues of importance for culture. The network is coordinated by Interarts Foundation for International Cultural Cooperation from Barcelona and Culture Action Europe from Brussels. Aleksandra Uzelac is included in the team of 18 experts. In the scope of EETS activities it is planned to map relevant experts and organisations in the field of culture and to develop the EETS web site. IMO is responsible for the mapping section of experts and organisations in the field of culture. Aleksandra Uzelac is responsible for the design and coordination of these activities and the members of the Department of Culture and Communications will participate in developing the corresponding registry.

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